The importance of PLAY to the human spirit

This is a wonderful short documentary on the importance of play; in essence,

Play = practice space = relate + communicate + push + pull + explore + bound + what if + solutions = human experience

Quotes from the video

play creates a reason for them (people) want to engage

"might we have understimated the value of 'play'?"

How would your life look if seen through a playful state of mind?

Practicing in a play state gives the opportunity to build confidence

In elementry school it's understood that 'play is the way you learn'

as you get older...

play is a time of day

as you get older...

time is an object...

play is a frame

play is a space that is designed for you to be successful Might a playful state of mind enable the strength of our true human spirit?

  Play is such a natural state of being, a good ways of learning that is lost as we grow older. Like many things great in life we unfortunately forget to bring them into the workplace to leverage the benefits for better business. Play can reduce stress - it's why footy tipping is so popular! People love to have a game as a point of socialisation and building relatedness amongst peers at work. The bonding of workers also has a positive effect on business communications, especially preventing distanced and dysfunctional work places. As an agile coach who works with a multitude of teams I have seen how the absence of 'joy' in workplace interactions has directly caused dysfunction in team delivery. The time required to create flow - which comes more naturally to teams that have bonded - is approximately double the time it would normally take with a functional team. A good business coach, executive coach and agile coach will bring play and games into their services to help people more easily adopt learnings, build strong relationships and dissolve excessive stress in work environments.