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   Engineer Business Growth.


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Speaker,  Author, Coach.

Stephanie Bysouth is one of Australia’s leading experts on engineering business growth with startup innovation, agile operations and COO leadership.

A genuine and inspiring speaker and author bringing to life the realities and the triumphs of engineering business growth as an agile COO.

Even before finishing University Stephanie started her first design & advertising business. With the digital evolution she grew her experience as a Digital Art Director, Production Manager and International Team Consultant lead. This depth of experience in growing great businesses proved invaluable when she moved to Agile Coaching. Agile being the umbrella term to help companies clean up their ‘history’ and innovate their operational performance. As COO, business owner or coach Steph always brings a genuine approach to help business engineer growth.

“Stephanies ability to bring simplicity to complex problems by working with the business make her unique. Her manner, experience and business savvy is second to none and I wholeheartedly support and endorse her. “

Liz James, CEO. Bubbed.

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