Flood Brisbane? Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh is ready and waiting.

The Premier of Queensland Anna Bligh has done an amazing job as mother nature takes on to flood Brisbane. In each of the news casts, updates and many of her quotes she projects an amazing calm assertive leader. She has the character of a great Scrum Master. There is an overwhelming number of requirements to be made, tasks to be done and in achievable chunks given the changing circumstances. I've always reverted to scrum and agile practices in 'emergency situations'. Be that in server recovery jobs, personal threat situations - such as bomb threats, or even in life - like moving house!

Each 'disaster' of sorts is a complex project that needs to be resolved effectively as a united team for a greater ouctome.

Not only is scrum capable of facilitating a way through disaster it is a way for Community Organisations to literally "cut through red tape" and deliver their essential services. How often have you heard about community care organisations getting bogged down in the s**t of bureaucracy?

Part of our team has over 20 years in the Community Care field ranging from Quadriplegia, Elderly, Council, and response units. If you are interested in having us giving you a helping hand out of your flood waters to no longer just keep treading contact us for a chat.