Lean Business in Community Services

"Far out Freddy!! It’s like panic stations around here and there is a feeling of panic in the air about getting stuff done!! I had to write a figgin agenda for a meeting which is a meeting I am only partially involved in and I’m getting grief from both sides of it, my boss and the other on.Jeezzzz I tell ya this is a figgin mad house with people running around in escalation mode 10"

Dissolving the day to day panic often faced by passionate yet tired staff of community services organisations can seem quite overwhelming.

It doesn't have to be. The agile principles of Lean Business and establishing a habitual approach to solving problems using the Scrum Empirical process starts with your state of mind.

Calm. Assertive. Essential.

If it’s not essential to achieve today, don’t panic - don‘t even give it attention. Ask “ what are my top 3 essential achievements today” and that will give you a boundary to be calm and assertive from!

Being calm and rather than 'reacting' with panic allows that person to breath, and be that which you want others to be. Try it - let me know the responses you receive.

Assertive not aggressive, not flimsy. Being calm-assertive can be quite a difficult state to achieve for many people. It's very much like meditation; being able to reach that blissful of nothing takes practice.

An easy way to start 'practising' being a calm assertive leader of scrum or your team is to first think of a place when you truely were in this state. What symbolises that place or time? Recreate the symbol to create a positive trigger for re-focusing on your mind to the positive state of being.