Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Innovation Review

Facebook Logo Represents Innovation Success

A rare capture of Mark Zuckerberg being interviewed specifically on innovation, being a successful leader, why was Facebook successful compared to others who had the same concept? and what are Zuckerbergs core values? How do they do product management? What about r and d like Googles 20% allocation? ANYONE THINKING OF TAKING THEIR CONCEPT BEYOND REMARKABLE NEEDS TO WATCH THIS! This snap-shot into Facebook Company Culture, Values and Principles is a to do list for any up and coming entrepreneur. It is certainly the template for being an Agile company. Mark Zuckerberg talks a lot about what makes Facebook an adaptable, responsive and $50 Billion Company.

Top Ten Success Factors for aspiring innovators:

1. The initial success driver was "the combination of the concept and the execution". Mark Zuckerberg surrounded himself with the smartest people he knew in University, and still does today. 2. Be in the right place. The start-up team moved to Silicon Valley where they could access help "to do simple things like build a data center". 3. At the right time. Facebook would not have had the exponential growth last century because the technology and internet trust wasn't there. 4. For the right people. Social software for university students adopting new technological toys - Brilliant! 5. Follow your passion. "we started this because we wanted the world to become more connected, not because we wanted to make a website or to make a company" 6. Know your core values as a CEO and focus the team to achieve based on those values. 7. Making mistakes is OK - build it, test it, iterate. 8. Move fast. 9. Create the leverage to make the most impact 10. Long term focus, optimise for the long term impact. " Opportunities like this don't around often so you have a duty to see it through and build it to what it can be."

Part 1 of Mark Zuckerber on Innovation Interviewed by Business Insider.

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