Agile Glossary - a central resource for learning all things agile, lean and scrum

Agile is an umbrella term to describe a movement predominately living in software development industries, AND it is a grouping of practices plus a culture supported by a combination of tools that create the opportunity to better generate value - be that at the person, product or business level. Areas of agile include;

  • Agile Development is vernacular often referring to particularly software development, Test Driven Development (TDD) practices or Extreme Programming (XP)

  • Agile Methodology can first be understood by initially reviewing the New New Product Development Game (HBR), the Agile Manifesto, the Scrum Framework and XP history

  • Scrum Agile is another 'colloquial combination of keywords used by newbies learning about the Agile methodology and the Scrum process that spawned from the creators of the Agile Manifesto.

  • Agile Scrum Methodology

  • Agile software

  • Agile project

  • agile management

  • agile scrum

  • agile software development

  • project management agile

  • agile testing

  • agile australia

  • agile manifesto

  • agile model

  • agile process

  • agile scrum

  • agile testing

  • agile waterfall

  • project management agile

  • scrum

  • what is agile


  • Introduction To Agile Methodology -These are the first places an agile newbie would benefit from the most; agile articles, history, the alliances, and the terminology.



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