Ten attributes of a good Scrum Master

Attributes of a good scrum master

Being a good scrum master and becoming a great agile leader takes discipline, patience and practice. It's not a journey to be the master of servants, but rather a journey to master Human Whispering.

  • The willingness to step up and challenge teams to guide them onto the right direction

  • Courage to confront, don't be afraid to challenge old paradigms or set high benchmarks

  • Scrum master position comes with power and a good scrum master knows when to leverage that power as the quality champion, team protector and ego power flouting

  • They have done the training course, not because that gives them a certification but because it gives them an agreed base for what scrum is, alliance and support

  • The ability to stick to your (scrum process) guns even when the going gets tough

  • Maintains good morale among the team, recognises poor morale and nips it in the but!

  • Creates momentum and has the ability to protect the momentum to be continuously sustained

  • Understand the balancing of when to step in and when to step out

  • Constantly learning and upon to mentoring and feedback

  • Patience for people to not just understand the process but to 'be agile'