Inspiring Entrepreneurs – Mark Zuckeberg

Mark Zuckeberg Stanford university thought leadership podcast series. iTunes U

This recording was done in 2006, just a couple of years after facebook launched in 2004. It's an interesting retrospective podcast; including basic questions - what is the facebook?

At 18mths old the company got 5.5 billion page views surpassing google.

How this all started...

"So umm I did two years at Harvard.

During my sophomore year I decided that Harvard needed a facebook. It didn't have one. So I made it. That's basically how it got started."

Mark is truely a data geek and an intellectual. He's personality has had an obvious strong design over the culture of the company.

There's quite a bit of discussion about the type of person Mark likes to hire and how important it is to be patient in hiring so the right person becomes and helps to create the right person.

It's interesting listening to an "archive" presentation of facebook as it's obviously come along way since it's inception and the time of this presentation. I enjoyed Mark's opinion that it's a utility - a personal directory and not a social network!

Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook Innovation has evolved since his Stanford University a better video social entrepreneur innovation review is now available.