Carly Fiorina

  • Carly Fiorina Wow. Wow. Wow Stanford University Leadership Series

    This recording was done a while back and would easily be the BEST expression and summary of key traits, behaviours and elements of great leadership- of not only companies but also of humanity.

    You may recall her supporting Robert mCainn's presidential campaign recently which Obama ended up winning. But prior to her recent public office efforts Carly was CEO of Hewlett Packard at the time they merged with campaq. Carly is also now breast cancer survivor Carly will be running for office.

    " The ONLY woman to lead a top fortune 20 company "

    Carly was a 1976 Stanford Graduate, then law school drop out who was quite happy being a secretary.

    "Until one day two people saw the possibility of me" ... And that is the essence of leadership - see...&.... Cease the possibility."

    "The thing that dingstinguishs succesful people is what they do with their fear... The essence of entrepreneurialship is the ability to take risks, business is about taking risks."

    There are soo many gems and insights in this 1hr plus podcast. It is incredibly compelling material that makes you sit upstraight and think wow it's possible to be amazing "against the momentum that works against you"

    If you only listen to one of the Stanford leadership series - this is it!!

    You will gain insight into leadership and the power of change from an elder with vast and profound experience.

    "this is the first centaury in the history of mankind that we can do anything we choose to do. We can..."