Intentional Planning Kanban

Intentional Planning is a powerful and simple method for bringing clarity, outcomes and purpose back to your life. With practice and a cycle of learning, Intentional Planning Kanban cleans out the to do clutter, plugs the energy drains and allows you to get your life back. Unfortunately we do plan too much, too sporadically or reactively to others everyday. When we feel overwhelmed we write to do lists and we manage to get a few things done for a while but then it all piles up again. Or we email ourselves more 'to do' things because I can't get to that right now; however, magically, in the future my to do list will disappear and I could do it later. Reactive planning often has us stumbling through others demands and our own last minute forgotten must dos; an un-sustainable way of life that depletes our energy and stains our opportunity for joy.

All this stress is held in our heads and many are reaching boiling points of dispare. Our brain is an amazing organ that serves us incredibly well however we either treat it like it's a magical wizardy mailbox should be able to perform magic and make everything OK with the blink of an eye.  I have been tempted to ask people to start posting requests to:

Get Something Done 88 Me @mybrain !wheneveryoulike #nevergetsemptied $stressloadingup *can'trememberyesterday Postcode: #2000&sometimetomorrow

Magic brain coding didn't work for me either, I was still lift with all those to dos'.

I really needed to simplify even further planning to get back ownership of my time. What does work for me is a clear framework that visualises all that heavy workload and demand into an easy to do Intentional Plan.

  1. Capture:

    • Make every to do thought, request visual and tangible in one place so it's not sitting in your head,

    • Build a real touchable tangible in-box

  2. Clarify:

    • Group all into themes, categories or roles

    • What's the pattern or pairs in your lists

  3. Outcome:

    • what's the result you specifically want

    • Can you measure it, achievable, tangible outcome

  4. Purpose:

    • why is this theme important to you?

    • Whats it giving you? why does this satisfy you? Why is it in your best interest?

  5. Prioritise:

    • Whats the 20% that's going to get me the 80% difference? Which have the most beneficial impact

    • Whats the essence of effort to achieve the beneficial effort

  6. Action:

    • Will doing this myself be the drain of life, wealth and health - can I outsource for the same outcome?

    • How can I get leverage - timebox, focus on one thing, eliminate distraction?

  7. Done:

    • Literally tick off the item!!! Close it off in your mind.

    • What's left over - can be it cancelled or move to the inbox

  8. Learn:

    1. What was the outcome - does it match the intention?

    2. What can shift to gain improvement next time?

"activity without purpose is the drain to your life, drain to your wealth, drain to your purpose" Tony Robbins