Shanghai China Speaking - Value of Scrum Values

SummaryA simple play by play guide to build flow, synergy and shared outcomes among your team using Scrum Values. This is where great teams start.

Description The elusive secret sauce of high performing teams & leaders starts with a base in sharedvalues. The talk is an interactive presentation that gives insights on why values are critical, what they are and how to practically apply each one within a team. Great teams have flow, synergy and shared outcomes, and this is a part of their playbook.

Session Outline 1. Intro: The shared scrum values pay-off 2. Creating Focus for efficiency 3. Leveraging the team to build courage 4. Being open without pain 5. Commitment develops achievement 6. Respect that builds the speed 7. Summary Learning


  • Ability to articulate what each of the scrum values are so that you can introduce & discuss them with your team

  • A practical activity based on each value so that you can teach others

  • Have fun, enjoy the cartoon style content, practice sharing with the person next to you

  • Walk away with a sense of optimism, new abilities and exercises to share