About Lean Agile Coaching Presentation

Join Agile coach Stephanie Bysouth in a conversation about Agile Coaching.What is it? Why does it help? Chris Collins also joins Stephanie to talk about what it's like to be coached. An Agile Coaches journey often starts long before one claims the title. Lean Agile Coaches come from a variety of backgrounds; including but not limited to, senior developers, architects, project managers, business analysts, designers, operations. Essentially Lean Agile Coaches come from many places. What start's to set them apart is that they normally become a team leader, a team mentor as well as a master of lean agile skills.

Lean Agile Coaches will work through a sequence of stages with new teams. The first task for coaches is to observe and learn about the space the are moving into. It's important to understand the territory, challenges, and natural flow of their current systems before taking a company, team or even managers on an organisational change. This presentation delves into the why agile coaching, what agile coaches do, and show real profitable examples of how a coach can benefit a team, and companies bottom line.

Lean Agile Coaching Introduction Presentation

Agile Business Analysts Melbourne Meetup Agile Coach Introduction Presentation