Knowledge & Naming Conventions in structuring your content

Knowledge Conventions should use practical short common sense 002_Naming_Conventions_0412

OK, so I say should quite simply because i'm still astounded that developers or operational staff still to this day use poor disorganised logic for directory or website structure. I'm not sure if they just aren't trained, or whether the cause is that they create their own cryptic ryhthm but I so wish there was more people like J. Edger out there.

The below is a very simple multimedia and naming convention document I wrote in 2002. It certainly seems quite non remarkable in it's instruction and format; however, making things stupidly simple does seem to be difficult for a lot of people.

In today's plethora of information being swamped upon us it's even more important to have clarity in how you search and filter information.

A few top things to think about are;

- Author in a 3 by 3 rythm

- Powerpoint 3 point per slide

- 3 childs per point (max)

- Only project managers think according to time, the rest of think in terms of components, objects and artefacts. Organise by the character not by the age

How do you organise your information?


2002 Naming Conventions Document

Ask your users how they search? What knowledge do they need vs. what document is a good starting point