Inspirining Entrepeneurs – Reid Hoffman

Reid HoffmanStanford University business leaders podcast series.

Reid made a very successful change of career from academic to business entrepeneur as creator and investor in Linkedin and Paypal.

In this podcast he drops some doozy entrepreneur metaphors... "pick something that is opposite to what everyone is thinking"

"Raising money is only a step to being successful, not sucess itself"

"Get to your failure points as soon as you can, so you can get it out the way"

What is the central test of failure? "I've watched people spend years on products that will never work"

Reid talks through he's strategies and lessons over time.... "software without distribution is worth Zero.... Distribution strategy is essential"

He presents a good story of how they come about to do email payments then paypal.

If you are looking for investors then take the time to listen to Reid about the do's and don'ts!!!!

...And what is the revenue model for linkedIn

Reid really had an egalitarian point of view on he's lifes objectives and has managed to be involved in some pretty life changing developments.

How do u achieve something of scale that makes a diferrence to humanity.

The other thing I liked about this was that he debunks the myth that Mckenzie consultants are sure entrepeneurs, and there's is the only way. he really just gives a buddy entrepeneurs the plane trueth and doesn't blow sunshine up your ass about how everyone can make it.