Scaled Agile Framework Case Study from Nokia team

Scaling Agile is often daunting and seems unattainable for many large enterprises. The Scaled Agile Framework team and contributing consultants have pulled together case studies to share the journey challenges and are freely available at: The most recent addition is from a global organisation across multiple countries - no small feat for any transitioning organisation. Given the size of the program and the timing of the scaling agile journey this case study is an essential read for any leader looking for a how to list of successful agile transitions. In fact, that's why it's one of my favourite case studies. The presentation done by Allen Rutzen and Sunil Roy presented at Agile India in 2014 really cuts to the chase of what worked. I highly recommend reviewing their Watefall to Enterprise Agility in 22 Months presentation to create your own Scaling Agile checklist.

A couple of the things that really stood out and will bare well for all journeys is that they approached it in a principled manner; test - experience - grow as the iChing principles states. They started with small pilots, learnt from that experience. Expanded the next pilot size, proved benefits and grew again from there. Although it may seem light on without the context of the presenters conversation use this case study as evidence for your leaders that it is possible to scale agile across an enterprise and as a checklist for your rollout.