Finally! A website and a blog in one – a blog-site?

Blog-site! What on earth is that? A blog site is a dual purpose business website and blog that can be administered from a single backend Content Management System.

Think circa 2000 when everyone just had a website, and just had to have their brand on the Internet, had to, had to, had to....

It's 2010 and Internet penetration is peaking in Australia, Internet usage is incredible compared to when we grew up and the ability for businesses to differentiate themselves seems to be getting harder all the time. It's no longer just having a website - it's also about ranking well in search engines, about communicating with your visitors, and about marketing yourselves further then ever before.

The good news is that the Internet still hands down is a more affordable marketing tool with greater value return than print marketing.

A market leading option is to provide a better return on visit (ROV) for your customers and you can do this by providing content that is;

  • relevent to your field ( don't be what u r not)
  • sticky - interesting enough to entice visitors to return again and again
  • fresh - why would customers engage with you, do u have the latest 'expertise' knowledge behind you to warrant me buying your product?

Sounds like more work? It isn't if you use the write tool for your business.

A blog-site with a simple backend CMS allows you to manage your content constantly and blog regularly to keep you fresh, sticky, and relevent in one simple location.

After years of working with big corporate systems, certified microsft systems, custom builds and open source tools. The best I've had the pleasure of utilizing is Wordpress, and wordprss alone.