Setup Google AdWords Campaign management

Google Ad Words team recently called me to help me go through the set up of my AdSense account. I totally took advantage of the service, to see if it would get me any better page rank or possible page impressions. We set up a campaign to use up my Google keyword AdWords discount. I noted down some key points to help you think about how it might help you. In a few weeks i'll update you on how the campaign went

What is my objective

To get more attendees to the melbourne Entrepreneurs in the pub club (I now realise I didn't put a caveat on the type of attendees, as I really just wanted to pull lots of visitors and let the relevance of the content filter them from their)

What is my current position?

The Google assistant pulled a report from my content and had a quick discussion to assess the best key words for meeting my objective - possible Keywords: entrepreneurs club, business owners club.

Interestingly, this is where I currently rank: (

Entrepreneurs club - 8! - how awesome is that; out of a total of about 2, 750,000 search results. And that is from just following the basics.

Entrepreneur club - not even in the top 100 - :( - wow! so what's better with an s or without? - well I checked out on Google's Keyword Tool and both have pretty much the same name of searches globally (entrepreneur without s had slightly more locally)

2 things that determine ad-rank that you must know

1. Maximum cost per click

2. Quality Score - (how do you make easier for the user to find you) - a good quality score helps to keep your costs cheaper

google adwords campaign managementBidding tips: - if you are not bidding the right amount your ad may not show up on the rHS - a new advertiser will not have a quality score meaning it takes time get to show up

Left Hand Side: Awarded position solely for advertisers who have a good quality score

Charging: - Is cost per click, so you only pay for a lead that is interested in your service

Cap - you can set a daily budget i.e. if you set a daily budget of $20 and you are bidding $2/clicks - you'll get 10 clicks a day.