Australia loves Social Networking!

Absolutely undeniably incredible!  I had no idea so many Australians were online, and social networking to boot! First of all, Australia comes in  9th place for the highest internet penetration rate per country. 80.1% of the population!

(the funniest trend is that all the countries in first to eight place are really cold countries!)

Second of all, the great things to learn are;

  1. 71.5% of Australia’s UVs are on Social Networks at some point
  2. 8,855,990 UVs  are Social Networking in Australia
  3. Facebook: 6,102,000 eyeballs
  4. Twitter: 800,000
  5. 95.1% of UVs have visited a wordpress site.

How many visited Google - 10,00,000 a  month on average. So seriously, this sounds like a Willie Sutton moment - go to where the money - i mean -customers are!!

Twitter grew 6,122%^ year on year! That is phenomenal. Google was growing at 400% (on the stock exchange) at one point, and rumour has it grew at 4000% at one stage. Will it continue to grow? Absolutely it will, and it will balance out? And the tools to find relevance among all this information will only get better.


Country Internet Penetration

Comscore Press Release June 2009