Agile Resources - Iteration Planning & Sprint Planning

Rally Software Iteration Planning Guide

The purpose of the iteration planning meeting is for the team to commit to the completion of a set of the highest ranked product backlog items. This commitment defines the iteration backlog and is based on the team’s velocity or capacity and the length of the iteration timebox.

Scrum Alliance Sprint Planning

The Scrum Alliance Sprint Planning session is the definitive source an iteration plan was derived from. To gain a deeper understanding of a sprint planning session we recommend delving into the world of scrum;

    1. Scrum Alliance Explained - Graphic
    2. Core Scrum Guide

The Scaled Agile Framework Sprint Planning Guide SAFe extends agile to the enterprise leveraging Scrum and XP as a foundation. SAFe has gone so far to converge the practices, rebrand and trademark them as ScrumXP.

Scaled Agile Framework Planning Flow Diagram