Introduction To Agile - Adelaide PMI

Project Management Institute - Adelaide PMI Charter Presentation:Introduction_to_Agile_Delivery As the audience was from a broad spectrum of industries and included project managers of varying experience I focused the presentation on introducing the evolution of agile, followed by the key paradigm shifts between traditional project management & scrum practice, agile principles.

Introducing Agile is the same as introducing a person that you want to give a good impression. Not too over the top to turn people away, and not to lifeless to put people to sleep. Agile history is important to give context as many believe agile is just 'a new .com movement'. Where as it's actually got quite an history stemming from the mid 20th Century.

To sum up everything in a 20 min presentation that the entire audience will grasp isn't always easy. None the less, here's a summary in under 2 minutes.

Agile = (Tools + Practices) / Practices

Culture = (Values + Principles + Environment) / Community

Practices = (Priority > Delivery < Release³ < Value > Feedback < Learn)

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