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Below are some wonderful words from wonderful people, thankyou. Also check out Case Studies on Enterprise Agility, High Performing Teams and Leadership.



 “engaging & entertaining."  Ming Lee, Scrum Shanghai

“funny, engaging and passionate with a rock solid message.”  Sandy, Nomad 8.

“Honest and willing to admit the success as well as failures.”   Anonymous, JAFAC.

“Steph’s talk is based on personal experience, she’s clearly walking the walk. Her talk is insightful and funny at the same time”    Mark, CBA.

"Wonderful talk from a truly authentic leader.. thank you @Stephanie BySouth you deserve that whiskey". Peter, DHS.

"Enlightening, engaging. Definitely a topic worthy of AA17 and beyond. Well done Steph!" Phil, Telstra.

"Fabulous! Love listening to Steph's outlook and experience." Sandra, CHOICE.

Executives Say...

“Stephanie provided timely advise to our project on agile techniques, methods, and general agile stuff at critical times during our project.”

John, Telstra


"I’ve been working with Stephanie on the NBN Network programs and other Data Management Centre of Excellence projects and have to say, it has been an absolute pleasure. Stephanie is an expert in Agile and helped us to move from traditional delivery management to Agile operations without losing any time or impact on the deliverables. NTT project has some very challenging stakeholders, and Stephanie has managed to work with them and change/improve the dynamics in the teams and interactions with stakeholders significantly."

Nonna Milmiester, GM Data Management Operations - Telstra 


“Staying CALM and COMPOSED when ‘AGILE’ (and not you....) is under fire And always staying that way…”

Zita, Telstra


“Stephanie's ability to bring simplicity to complex problems by working with the business make her unique. It is rare to find a consultant not looking to change a business based on models, but to work with the business to enhance their offering, processes and value proposition. Stephanie's manner, experience and business savvy is second to none and I wholeheartedly support and endorse her. “

Liz James, CEO Bubbed Social App


“Stephanie is the most business focused & experienced coach I have worked with in my career.”

Simon Henry, Co-Founder & CEO,


These testimonials are from the wonderful champions i've had the pleasure of working with - Thankyou! 

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