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It's interesting to learn how software "engineering" principles are derived from construction engineering principles. The applied comparison gives insight to how irrelevant stingent engineering principles are to software development. According to Martin Fowler the "Agile Methodologies developed as a reaction to these methodologies"

Attributes of a good scrum master - The willingness to step up and challenge teams to guide them onto the right direction - Courage to confront - scrum master position comes with power and a good scrum master knows when to leverage that as the quality champion and team protector - They have done the training course, not because that gives them a certification but because it gives them an agreed base for what scrum is - The ability to stick to your (scrum process) guns even when the going gets tough - Maintains good morale among the team - Creates momentum and has the ability to protect the momentum to be continuously sustained - understand the balancing of when to step in and when to step out - constantly learning and upon to mentoring and feedback - Patience for people to not just understand the process but to 'be agile'

Attributes of a good scrum master : part 2 - ability to challenge the Product Owner on value assessment for the business - ability to be flexible in your strength of leadership - know when to be submissive or assertive - totally understands and acts knowing it's about the people - understands human beings - facilitate collaboration, discussion, interaction and prevent isolation, analysis parallesis

Attributes of a good scrum team Trust. Trust Scrum Master. Trust Product Owner. Trust Scrum Team Encourage each other to take on tasks they haven't done before, and support that team member through that learning growth. Trained in scrum so that the team has a shared baseline of knowledge so that the terminology is agreed and understood. Collaborate, teach, share, discuss, solve,

Attributes of a good Product Owner Constantly engaged with the team - they just don't tell and run and review and tell and run and..... Continuously reviewing the backlog and considering the weight of defects vs. value and in constant communication with the team around the changes

"what are the key success factors in agile"

Solving Problems Deal with it as a team