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How can Product Teams in the enterprise be innovative and nimble like startups? What's the advantage that start-ups have that allow them to disrupt quickly? Why do they get to scale across the market so quickly?

In this one day Masterclass bring the team to the forefront of modern business methods & mindset.

Throughout the day, as a team you will learn;

  • to think like a founder of an accellerator
  • how to validate product model strategy
  • start-up decision making techniques
  • hypothesis driven delivery

Using gamification and exploration of entrepreneurism and Lean StartUp methodology you will walk away with the confidence on tools to lead an innovative Product Team to amplify your product outcomes.

Bookings for next quarter are closing soon.


Why is agility the go to operational strategy for businesses today? What credence is it really worth giving in the business? It's a software thing isn't it? Really, why should I care - will it hit the bottomline?

Tailored for executives and senior managers this masterclass addresses the underlying strategy of agile practices and principles.

A short 3 hour session that provides you;

  • a business lens on the why agile started and the difference it makes
  • insight to successful and terrible agile rollouts to people, process, profit and product
  • introduction to the impact of agile on the managers role

An intimate session for executive teams revealing the truth behind both public business transformation stories and personal challenges for senior executives leading agile rollouts.

Private bookings only.

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More teams reach high performance when they shift the dynamics of the conversations from polite to powerful. To get to powerful communication they need to break through the barriers of death by discussion; inject passion, build trust and learn to debate with passion. 

Within the few hours we introduce the teams to debating with passion, crowd coaching their own behaviour and smartly influencing with team communication techniques. 

Most of all it's a fun way to break down cultural inhibitors and develop a robust safe way to amplify team performance. 

Team Bookings In-house now available.


What does Enterprise Agility, StartUp disruption and Product Innovation Accelerators all have in common?

Besides being the top three methodologies of successful businesses today No one MBA nor university degree teaches them all. Those degrees that are starting to teaching the theory take longer than most businesses leaders have to survive the disruption to their business today. 

This 8 Class program for Management teams is run privately in house over the quarter to shift the mindset and methods of your leadership group to be agile ready. 

For private management teams only.